That thing you're unwilling
to leave the planet without doing?

it's time.


A 5 day challenge to get that extraordinary idea
out of your head & into the world

Monday, June 12 - Friday, June 16
Totally FREE. For real.

Whether it's a thriving, aligned, more meaningful business, a unique way to help people transform and heal, or a book/deck of cards/some magical creative expression that's dying to come out, how much longer are you willing to wait to make it happen?

And if you've been sitting there waiting for permission, approval or the perfect time to unleash your dream, I'm going to do you one better: I dare you.

That's right. I said it.

I dare you to take it on, pull it out, hold it up to the light. I dare you to admit that it's something you really want, and to start making it happen.

With me. For free. Five days, five steps, one idea: Yours.

Are you in?

In accepting this dare, I promise to honor all participants' privacy and keep all ideas and shares confidential.

Nervous? That's fine. I wanted to throw up several times throughout the process of designing and launching this Dare. It's all good.


  • You will receive Daily Dares in your inbox each morning. Post completed dares, questions and relevant musings in our private sanctuary for glittery souls (= secret Facebook group) each day.

  • Tune in to The Daily Dare Live (video conference via web or phone), Monday, June 12th - Friday, June 16th from 1-1:30 PM ET for some face time with moi. All conferences will be recorded & made available to you later the same day in case you can't make it live, or want to absorb the magic all over again...

  • This program is VIRTUAL, so you participate from anywhere and wear whatever you want (I personally find that the right shade of lipstick helps make dares infinitely more doable)

  • Even if you can't make the video conferences live, you will get a ton out of this--you will receive all of the teachings each morning via email; you will be part of our very active conversation in our private Facebook group; you will share your "assignments," questions and experiences in our group and get feedback throughout the Dare; and you will receive recordings of the conferences in case you'd like some additional insights and examples of that day's Dare.

  • The cost is $0.00. Do plan to invest time, energy and any secret caches of pixie dust you've been stashing away.

In accepting this dare, I promise to honor all participants' privacy and keep all ideas and shares confidential.

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