Is it a thriving, more meaningful business?
A unique way to help people transform and heal?
A book, a deck of cards, some magical creative expression that's dying to come out?

Is it something you can SEE, something you know is possible, and know the world needs, and know you're meant to make happen—even if people (including the ones in your head) tell you you're crazy, not qualified, and/or shouldn't waste your time?

Is there something hidden in your pocket, a secret dream you've maybe given up on, or forgotten about, or decided you'll get to later, when the kids are out of the house, or your business is more successful, or you have enough time/money/support/faith?

Woman blowing butterflies

If you've been waiting for permission, approval or the perfect time to unleash your dream, I'm going to do you one better: I dare you.

That's right, I said it.

I dare you to take it on, pull it out, hold it up to the light. I dare you to admit that it's something you really want, and even though you may not know how you're going to make it happen, I dare you to say it out loud and explore the possibility of making it real.


That's fine. I wanted to throw up several times throughout the process of designing and launching this Dare. It's all good.

What if I told you there's a safe space where you can express what you really want?

And what if it's not only a safe space to whisper your wish, but also a place where you can
start to uncover the reasons your dream's been tucked away in your back pocket
instead of living and breathing in the world?

And what if you could not only see the reasons, but start to dissolve them into fairy dust?

And what if you could take the first steps to make your most sparkly dream real?

And what if all happened in 5 days?

For free?

the visionary's dare

5 days. 5 steps. 1 idea: Yours.

Monday, June 12-Friday, June 16
Totally FREE
For real

Give yourself the gift of time, focus, support, structure and the freedom to express yourself,
and experience the difference between good intentions and extraordinary RESULTS.

What's going to happen on this Dare?

You're going to spend 5 days with me getting clear on what you want and becoming the kind of person who's actually making it happen. Here's how:

  1. Register. Then do as much as you can of the following:

  2. Read the emails

  3. Complete the assignments & post them in our private online sanctuary for glittery souls

  4. Join The Daily Dare Live via web/phone for interactive learning and hands-on guidance based on your real life Vision

  5. Be your beautiful, awesome self, exactly as you are, and know that that's exactly what you need to get you where you want to go. It's just that all people need help sometimes, and creatures like you thrive in sparkly, supportive, inspiring havens.


Curse Symbols

Some questions you might want answered...

Why are you doing this?
Because I know it's needed, and because I can. I have watched so many wise, insightful, passionate clients question themselves, wonder if they should give up, wonder if what they have to offer actually has any value. And I've watched them evolve into people who own their unique take on things, own the strength and validity of their visions, and own their value.

I've watched them launch their visions into the world and change lives. I've watched them learn to value their own needs, take up a healthy amount of space in the world, and embrace their gorgeous gifts. I've watched them find confidence, learn to trust themselves, and discover the freedom and joy that comes from knowing and following their truest selves.

I strongly believe that part of my job on this planet is to share certain tools in a specific way with people who are meant to bring magic, transformation, creativity and healing to the world. This is one way I can do that, and my wish is that it will spread as far and wide as possible.

Also, this has been (and still is) my journey, and it's nice to have company.


Why are you doing this for free?
For three reasons:

  1. I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say yes if this is something you really want.

  2. I want to meet new people—disruptors, visionaries, creatives, ideators, big picture thinkers and giant leap takers and people who are willing to do the work so they can be who they want to be. I figure those are the kind of people who are willing to take on a dare and share it with other people who are sitting on something big that wants to bust out and stake its claim in the world.

  3. I know this Dare will be exactly what some of you need to get moving. And some of you will see what's happening and want more. This makes it easy for each of you to get what you need with no risk, and to experience what it's like to have me as a thought partner and creative collaborator. No matter what, I get to teach. No matter what, you get to learn. And for some of us it will be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! Win-win. Joy!

Are there prizes involved?
Of course there are! Everyone who posts the daily assignment each of the 5 days will receive a prize in the mail!! Yes, I said MAIL—a real thing that comes to your mailbox. And there will be special bonus prizes for you dreamers who are exceptionally good at taking bold leaps and/or letting your imagination roam wildly and/or being especially loving and kind.

Is cursing allowed?
Yes, but it's not required.


  • The Visionary's Dare runs from Monday, June 12th - Friday, June 16th

  • You will receive Daily Dares in your inbox each morning. Post completed dares, questions, thoughts in our private sanctuary for glittery souls (= Facebook group) each day.

  • Tune in to The Daily Dare Live (video conference via web or phone) from 1-1:30 PM ET for some face time with moi

  • This program is VIRTUAL, so you participate from anywhere and wear whatever you want (I personally find that the right shade of lipstick helps make dares infinitely more doable)


Know someone who needs a push in the direction of her dreams?

Please share this Dare!

By accepting this dare, I promise to honor all participants' privacy and keep all ideas and shares confidential.