Grab one big wish and fast track yourself right into
clarity, alignment and action—
without the same old fears, frustration and resistance to stop you.

Move yourself out of paralysis in record time.

Welcome. This is where the next stage of your life begins.

It is *awesome* that you are here. It means you want something. It means you want to accomplish or change or invent or launch something that is important to you. And that means that you're pushing yourself to do something, have something, BE something different in your life and in the world. And I think that that makes the world a fantastically more interesting, valuable and inspiring place. So, thank you!

And, being such an adventurer, I'm going to assume that you've run into your fair share of fear, frustration and resistance. That when you get excited, it's often quickly followed by a shot of, "I can't do that," "it won't work," and at least six really legitimate-sounding reasons why it's never going to happen. I hear you. I've been there. Often. So have all of my clients. It can stop you dead in your tracks, keep you stuck and prevent you from ever making your glorious vision real.

Now, here's the good news: The Big Wish™ process will move you out of pain and into action.

This process was designed to let you grab one big wish and ride out every wave of self-sabotaging, pessimistic and critical voices until what you're left with is a clear vision, a smart strategy, and a deep sense of how possible it all really is. It was built to give you a safe space to feel what you feel but not be defeated by it. It is a proven way to move through resistance, past overwhelm and right into clarity, alignment and action.

So, are you ready to finally have what you really want?

In this private intensive you will be guided through the The Big Wish™ process.

Together we will:

  • Articulate your vision, giving you permission to actually want what you want AND say it out loud, no matter how impossible it feels
  • Create a safe space to hold the critical, limiting voices that have you believing that change isn't possible and that you can't have what you want
  • Discover that you don't have to be limited by a single one of the beliefs, challenges or circumstances you've been dragging around, probably for years. You know, the ones that keep stopping you from moving forward
  • Release tension, fear, sadness, anger, blame and shame while resetting your course and grounding you in possibility, creativity and inspired solutions
  • Uncover a strategy that is organic, unique and aligned with who you are, what you want, and what is really possible for you

This process will push you farther than you can likely go alone, in all directions. It will help you name the things you long for, see the reasons why you believe you can't have them, discover what's hidden beneath your fear and resistance, and find deep wells of love and compassion for yourself. It will clear a direct path to the next actions you can take to make your vision real, and free you up to take them immediately.

Your Private Big Wish™ Session is designed around you. It is a unique experience created to bring you peace, clarity, relief, along with an actual, practical strategy for moving forward, toward your vision.

Your Private Big Wish™ Session includes:

  • A Vision & Challenge Assessment (to be completed in advance)
  • A private 90 minute virtual session (give or take 15 minutes) with me, Jennifer, the one who created this process and has seen it do A LOT of amazing things for a lot of extraordinary people. There's a picture of me right under this list, I'm the one with the bright red hair.
  • Your Personal Strategy that will allow you to start taking aligned, focused action immediately

Your investment is $295 for this private work and life-changing process.

People have used this process to:

  • Launch businesses, design programs, develop entire new aspects of personal and professional lives
  • Embrace creative and artistic pursuits, own that their creativity can financially support them, expand their vision of what's possible and get themselves on stages, in front of audiences, and working with agents
  • Take ownership in collaborative projects, redefine the scope and vision of professional and creative endeavors, get invited to participate in dream projects with people they hugely admire and love
  • Experience essential, powerful, healing shifts in relationships, own and express feelings that need to come out, become liberated from self-defeating behaviors and learn to ask for, feel deserving of and receive what they need
  • Face things they don't want to face, including illness, relationship pain and endings, family demands and urgent needs, financial fears,  job loss, and walk through these things in a safe space, with grace, guidance, love and support that lead to regained footing, clarity, self-care and helpful strategic steps that allow them to move forward

Here's what one client shared about using the The Big Wish™ process:

"I want to validate myself for being conscious today, and lately, of the ways I prevent myself from hoping for things that seem out of reach. I feel like this is The Big Wish worming its way into my consciousness: being aware of what it is that I want, and why I'm subconsciously telling myself it's impossible to have it—whether it's anything from good energy sustaining itself in my relationship to figuring out something to make for dinner. It's made me aware of the things I'm not even letting myself hope for—and that resistance towards hope is a real downer. I've been allowing myself to ask for—and anticipate—radical goodness, to even just have a clear image of what perfect looks like. And I feel like that's helped bring it into the realm of possibility." --Samantha T.

It would be an honor and a pleasure to do this work with you.

If you have any questions about this work, or about whether this session is a good fit for you, simply email me directly at and we'll figure it out.