Day 2

Victory! I have shown up twice in a row! Since three times is a charm, I am already 2/3 of the way towards total success!

Of course now all I can do is think of all the reasons why it will be hard-to-impossible to get this done tomorrow, thereby breaking the new habit, losing momentum, failing my journey just three days.

Jesus, that trash talk came fast.

I’m going to thank it for pointing out some possible challenges that might arise, and think strategically about how I can work around them. See? I can learn new tricks.

One new trick might be to attempt this earlier in the day. Not 5 AM, but not 10:58 PM either. Maybe if I’d gotten the entertainment center I ordered off of I’d be able to do this earlier. Our TV is sitting on the floor, covered in blankets. This is problematic for several reasons:

  1. It’s not hooked up to anything, so I can’t watch Vampire Diaries.
  2. Even if it were hooked up, the fact that it’s covered in protective blankets makes it difficult to see anything anyway.
  3. It’s in danger of being banged into, knocked over, or otherwise damaged because, duh, it’s on the floor. It’s on the floor because it was in danger of tipping off of the too-high entertainment center it was sitting on until five days ago. The entertainment center it was on was too high because we got a new TV that didn’t fit in our entertainment center so we tipped the entertainment center on the side and put the TV on top of it. I’ve probably never used the phrase “entertainment center” so many times in a single sentence in my life. Probably no one ever has. Anyway, it was good enough for a while, but it really was too high and the TV started to wobble a little, so Matt (my husband) took it down. And we FINALLY agreed on an entertainment center to replace it, and I bought it on a used furniture website, and then my offer was rejected!! What??? I know!

So now we’re back at square one, where I zone out at the end of the day and spend untold amounts of time searching online for “the one.” And my point is that if that were taken care of, I would free up a lot of time when I could theoretically be doing this earlier.

Though I might not. I seem to be very good at letting time melt away and having very little to show for it. It’s a little like an addiction. I wonder if I can stop that. Hmmm…

In any case, I’ve done the Thing That Matters, and that feels good. And now I’m literally falling asleep, so I’ll note some of the things I discovered today so I can come back to them tomorrow (which is actually really good, since if I do this earlier tomorrow I’ll actually have something to write about even if I haven’t done anything yet!):

  • Mentors
  • Movies
  • Stella hiding behind the TV set after she was supposed to be in bed, and my not noticing for 10 minutes