The Guide to Creating a No-Regret Summer

And no, it’s not too late


Summer is half over. WHAT!@#$%??

If the fact that it’s already the middle of July has you panicking about all those wonderful things you planned to do this summer but haven’t started yet, have no fear: this Guide to Creating a No-Regret Summer will help you get focused and get moving RIGHT NOW.

Mommy-daughter waterfight

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I know the pain of getting to the end of the summer, turning around to look back and feeling my heart break because I never quite got my act together to spend real, quality time with my kids, or organize my home, or cook healthy meals, or set up systems in my business that would make everything work better...

No matter how well-intentioned I was in June, now matter how wide open the summer ahead of me seemed, by the end of August I was shocked at how little time I’d found to do the things that were most important to me.


Thanks to my brand new Guide to Creating a No-Regret Summer, I’ve been having a more relaxing, more intentional, more joyful summer than I can remember, spending time doing the things I most love. Like having impromptu indoor water fights with my seven-year-old.

It feels so good!!! It’s making me so happy and I want to share this way of doing things with you too!

Download your own copy of the Guide—my gift—right now, answer the questions and design your own unique path to a more joyful and fulfilling summer. I’m telling you, it’s the perfect time to try something new and create a summer you won’t forget!

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Wishing you a wonderful summer!!

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