An entire day just for you, a day where you focus completely on the miracle you want to experience in your life?

How does Friday, September 18th, in NYC, from 10:30-5:00 sound for a Miracle Day?


We know you’re busy making miracles for other people all the time. You’re helping clients build their businesses and bust their boundaries so they receive what they want. You’re nurturing people who are important to you so they have what they need. Which is all awesome. And takes a lot of energy. And a lot of love.

We’re just wondering which stretch of time is blocked off on your calendar for you to get what you need? For you to really think and feel about what you want, and then create a strategy to make it happen in the most loving, joyful, miraculous way?

We’re all grown up enough by now to know that things don’t necessarily turn out the way we plan, or want, or expect. At the same time, we’ve seen over and over again what happens when you set an intention, put it out there, do the work, and remain open. What you get may not be exactly the way you vision it, and it always aligns with the core needs, values and desires you started out with. That’s what a miracle looks like to us. And, they happen more often than you think or believe.


(Who knew, right?)

This is an opportunity to spend a day learning what they are AND implementing each one of them. The aim is for you to build a blueprint for your miracle in a day, and know the next steps you will take in order to help birth it.

Think about it as a Spiritual Spa Day.

It’s a time out from everything else going on in your life—everyone else’s demands, expectations, needs and requests. This is time for you to be. A time for you to relax, to reconnect with what you desire, to be pampered, and to give your heart room to expand, explore and create.

Become a part of this Miracle Day for $400.

Reserve your spot by Sunday, May 31st and pay just $300.

Lunch, treats and miracles included.



This day is built for you to honor yourself, your dreams, your purpose and your joy. It’s a day designed to help you take conscious control of bringing the next phase of what you want into your life.

Our focus will be on miracles of creative expression and prosperity. Each miracle will be unique, and will be born out of the process of getting clear on what you actually really want right now.


We will…

·      Hold the space and guide you through the process

·      Address fear and resistance as it comes up

·      Design action plans that make sense for you

·      Help you flex your miracle muscle

·      Make this a yummy, luxurious, beautiful, inspiring day, filled with the very best people who are doing incredible things in this world

·      And, throughout the day you will be given miracle moments and surprises that acknowledge our truly unique and magical you are


This day is designed for smart, loving, honest, funny, spiritual, purpose driven women. It’s a day for you to just be, without having to do anything for anyone else. It’s a day to recharge and open up to Divine Inspiration. And a day to have fun, to be celebrated for being exactly who you are, exactly where you are, with all your gifts and goodness, and all you bring to the world.


If something comes to mind (heart) and your lovely ego leaps up and starts yelling that it’s impossible—great! What a wonderfully protective ego-mind you have! Thank it, and then let it know you’d still like to see what might be possible, how you could have this miracle and still be safe, relaxed and loved.

If nothing comes to mind immediately—great! The beginning of the Miracle Day is all about clarity. You need to be very clear about what you want in order to have it, and clear about the good you want to bring into the world. We’ll help you nail it, so you can move forward and step into your vision.

If you’ve got any questions about this day, about your miracle, or about any fear that’s popping up, just reach out to Jen (or Jen)—we’ll be happy to talk to you about it.

If you feel you belong at this Miracle Day, we cannot wait to see you there! You will be an essential part of it, not just for yourself, but for the energy of what we’re creating, and what you’re meant to share with the women there, and with the world.


Become a part of this Miracle Day for $400.

Reserve your spot by Sunday, May 31st and save $100.

Lunch, treats and miracles included.


Oh yeah, and this is us:

Jennifer Urezzio

Jennifer Urezzio specializes in helping people connect – to themselves, to each other, and to the Divine. She founded a new paradigm, Soul Language, which provides guidance for understanding our true nature and tools for accessing deeper levels of awareness. This new insight into how the Soul expresses itself is being embraced by top healers, lifestyle coaches, and CEOs all over the world as a method for helping people recognize their purpose and live from a place of power and truth. Jennifer is a published author and speaker. She has written articles for national publications including tut.com.

To learn more visit: www.SoulLanguage.us or http://www.soullanguage.us/the-book/.

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Jennifer Zwiebel helps extraordinary people build businesses and lives they love. The founder of A Place of Joy™, Jennifer works with successful entrepreneurs and professionals who are pushing the limits of what they can accomplish because they feel overwhelmed, out of time and uninspired. By realigning your business and life with your values, priorities and passions, you can knock things off your lists, own your time, and realize your big visions.

Discover the systems, strategies and creative solutions that will get you excited, focused, productive, inspired and doing what you’re meant to do. From Get One Thing Done™ days to Joy-based coaching, we’ve got a way to get you living and serving from your place of joy. To learn more, please visit www.aplaceofjoy.com.