DESIGNED for dreamers and doers like you

hell or high water

You've got 30 days to get that extraordinary idea out of your head & into the world.
Or at least get it started. While still living the rest of your life.

Starts August 1, 2018

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That thing you're unwilling
to leave the planet without doing?

it's time.

Think of that plain whitewashed table as life, and that bowl of sugar cereal as your magical, unique contribution to this world. Isn't the world SO MUCH MORE BORING without your bowl of Fruit Loops???

Isn't it SO MUCH MORE FUN, and colorful, and joyful, for you and everyone in it when it's lit up by something special and different and unique?

Won't that table taste SO MUCH BETTER when it's got sugar cereal sprinkled all over it??

Obviously, yes.

It's time for you to make your particular brand of wacky, colorful, inspired magic explode out into the world.

Or at least to get a little bit of it to dribble out, enough so you can see that it's real, and that you are capable of taking the steps to make it happen. Because this will show you that:

  1. That flutter in your heart every time you think about it is there for a reason--this thing is yours to create, and it ain't going away.

  2. You CAN do it (write it, achieve it, create it...) WHILE living the rest of your life. It's not either/or, all or nothing. You can enjoy your life, have a fun and relaxing summer, and ALSO move your vision forward.

  3. With the right kind of structure in place, you can create something incredibly meaningful, and not get overwhelmed by the process.

If this speaks to you, and you've been promising yourself that you'll get to your project/Vision this summer, and summer's now halfway over and you still haven't gotten to it--this is your chance to make it happen.

If you:

  • Run, or are ready to build, a thriving, aligned, meaningful business or creative vision

  • Have a unique way to help people transform, heal, learn, create, expand or live

  • Have a book/deck of cards/program/process/movie/magical creative expression inside of you that's dying to come out

and you:

  • Have been dawdling, procrastinating, avoiding or starting/stopping

  • Feel overwhelmed by ideas, are paralyzed/don't know where to start, start many things but complete few

  • Really really really really know this is a good idea and really really really really aren't doing it on your own

then this program was designed for YOU.

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30 days of collaboration, structure and support; an intimate, safe community that totally gets you; and a sacred commitment to yourself and your Vision that finally achieves liftoff.

Join me and start working on (or launch!) your Vision this summer, for real.

Do this at your pace, so you can fully enjoy the summer while being in inspired action.

Get the first-time only special offer: get the whole program for HALF-PRICE!!
(Instead of $500 you'll receive everything for just $250!)

Already know this is for you? Sweet!
Click here to join Hell or High Water and you'll be off and running!

For 4 weeks this August you will get:

  • Structure, so you can wrap your head around a specific plan that makes sense for [your goals] + [your life] and set up healthy, REALISTIC expectations you can actually meet

  • An area of focus that's aligned with your highest priorities, so you can take intelligent action and stop second-guessing yourself

  • Daily support from like-minded awesome people, so you stay in the energy of action and creation, and know you're never alone

  • Space to put form to your Vision--both emotional space, in the company of people who will support you and cheer you on, and space on your calendar, carved out so you honor your commitment to yourself and what you're here on this planet to do

  • Lots of feedback and guidance from moi, in multiple forms, so I can hold your hand and walk beside you, singing happily, as you begin to birth your Vision

OMG, that sounds so awesome, right???

I know! I can't wait!!!!

And because you're jumping into the first Hell or High Water, you get it for half-price! Instead of investing $500, you get the entire experience--and all your results--(and I get your feedback to help make this as fabulous as it can be)--for $250.

Want to know more? Here you go... (or scroll down for full details)

I know, I know--you planned to design your new program, map out your new business, write the outline for your book (or at least get started) this summer. Now we're down to the wire and summer's more than half over, and you haven't touched your project and now you're going to have to wait another year before you have time for the thing you most want to be doing.

Trust me, I've been there.

All the plans I had at the start of every June for all the things I would accomplish now that the school year was over / it was the quiet time in my business / it was going to be summer, which means relaxation and free time, right?

So, so wrong. 

I'm not sure who made all that up, but I would happily kick him.

I'm often juggling MORE in the summer, not less. I'm managing completely different schedules for multiple people, client and family plans that affect all of my plans, the fact that days seem longer but really aren't, and the pressure to ENJOY MYSELF BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE and I miss the summer.

And so summer drifts by, each day draining a little more of the hope and enthusiasm from my grand plan, replacing it with large, hard-to-swallow doses of self-judgment, criticism, that lovely trifecta of anger-blame-resentment, and the knowledge that I will never, ever get to do what I most want to be doing.

Well, screw that.

This summer I decided that there definitely has to be a way to give the finger, ever so lovingly, to all of our overly-ambitious plans and the bad feelings that come with them while STILL creating and honoring the space to do something magnificent this summer. So I'm going to do that.

Want to join me?

If that's a big fat yes, jump onto this roller coaster and have one hell of an August!

Let this be the summer you give yourself the chance to see what's possible when you actually allow yourself to take the time, energy, permission and support to focus on your Vision--and make it real.

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First, just click here to register. Save $250 when you register by Friday, July 27th.

Next, you'll receive a questionnaire that's designed to help us get clear on your Vision, what's been getting in your way, and what your dreamiest version of the rest of this summer looks like.

You'll be invited into our private online community, book your Knock It Out session with me, and get all the details for our classes and other adventures. And then you wait with bated breath for the magic to begin on August 1st!!!

Sign up for Hell or High Water here and you're on your way! WAHOOOOOOO!!!!

Oh yeah, details

This 30 day joyfully-intensive small group extravaganza includes:

  • 4 90-minute (virtual) classes / includes teaching + Q & A/coaching for your own project. Wednesdays in August, 1, 8, 22, 29 1-2:30 PM ET. (These will be recorded.)

  • A kickass Get One Thing Done Day / virtual workshop + action day to work on your own project in a communal environment with accountability and support. (People get SO MUCH DONE on these days!!) Friday, August 17, 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM ET

  • A Private 60-minute Knock It Out session with me, to be used at any time during the program, in the way that will best serve you. We can use this time to map out your plan for the 30 days; figure out where your heart wants to focus so you can use your time most effectively; unearth and shift resistance and fear that's coming up; heal and release deep subconscious beliefs that have you sabotaging yourself; design a product, service or program that captures your most exciting gifts (and that you adore!); work on copy for your website or marketing...lots of options!

  • Private online safe-haven for check-ins, questions, inspiration, work submission, feedback, celebrating, commiserating, cheering, awesome videos and various other kinds of ballyhoo.

  • PRIZES!! Just 'cause that's fun and I love prizes!

JZ Headshot KISSING.jpg

And one more thing--we will make this work with YOUR life. The goal is to experience focus, creation and progress that blends seamlessly into your schedule, your needs, your reality.

Going away for part of August? So am I.
We're still going to make it happen.

Want to relax and enjoy the summer? So do I.
We're still going to create something wonderful!

Are you willing to do something different so you can get different results? Good. So am I.
And that's how we're going to make magic this summer.

If you've got any questions about Hell or High Water, just shoot me an email at and I'll answer you directly.

If you're crazy excited, and maybe a little bit nervous, then that's a really good sign. Go fill out the application right now!!

I kind of want to ask you, "how much longer are you willing to wait to make it happen?"--but not in a jerky way! Just in the way someone who really sees you and your promise would ask, knowing how many of us go our whole lives without ever making it happen, and hoping hoping hoping you take the risk and choose differently.

I cannot wait to play with you!!! August is going to be an *AMAZING* month!

I can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve, what kind of intuition you've got about what you're here to bring into the world and what kind of magic you don't even know you possess yet!! JOY!!

Haven't worked with me before and wANT TO KNOW A LITTLE BIT ABOUT what it's like?

Here are a few things my clients have said...

"Jen -  I actually don't know where to start. The word radical kept coming up and I felt radically and deeply transformed by our work yesterday.  It was sacred and profound and has a significance for me that I can't find the words for. Suffice to say, I went in your door feeling clouded and lost and came out feeling clear, directed, with internal integrity and with the confidence that comes from knowing and trusting yourself. You did more in a few hours than therapy has done in years. Thank you so much for believing in me. It was like the flame I've been waiting for to start this fire! Now I can't wait to give myself permission to jump into action so I can create the vision we gave form to!! xoxo"

Stephanie M.


"I loved our conversation on Tuesday. Here's what it felt like:

I was sitting at my desk before our call and feeling a little nervous about exploring my business.  But I thought it was a great idea to go ahead and do it with you because you have such great vision and excitement and hope in me especially.  

And it was like stars exploding in the darkness!  All those ideas and clarity and your mastery of marketing that helped me see the ideas and into how they can be implemented.  I was very grateful when you assigned me a specific task at the end so that I have focus and direction for our next meeting.

Thank you so much!"

Kerry C.


"What a joy your workshop was!  You have such a wise, practical, humorous and down-to-earth approach... I appreciated the time you took to address everyone's question or concern. That you shared personal experiences from your own life created a comfortable and intimate atmosphere where it was easy to share our own personal stories with you and the class. Thank you so much for a remarkable workshop! Your inspiring class was just the battery charge I needed to motivate me. You rock!"

Chris P.


"THANK YOUUUUUU so much… OMG how was my session valuable? Pulling apart my doubts and insecurities about my work will help me to move forward without feeling bad when I screw up.

Having that formula, if you will, will help me become more confident in myself. I have experience and as I continue to work I have less and less doubt about my abilities, but with this tool I will feel more confident when I need it most.

I also have some real tasks that have come from this discussion that will help me build my business.

So I guess to sum it up, this session helped me to start to change my old thinking patterns, gave me tools to change those patterns and tasks as I move forward in this new chapter of my life."

Julie B.


"This is very unlike me. I don’t usually get sh*t done. I usually just talk and talk and talk and just procrastinate. But there is some fire lit under me. And you are part of that fire. ...What I need from someone I work with is to help me get focused, which you’re doing, and I f*cking love it. It’s all good Jen, I’m so happy!"

Fay S.


"Thank you for everything; I really would have just kept this in my head if it wasn't for you!"

Maureen W.

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