Friday, March 29th, 10:00-4:00 (Westford, MA)

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Ahhhhhhhhh…imagine a day where you’re in charge of nothing and no one but yourself.

A day of being. A day of breathing, processing and creating. A day of connecting to your true self, your Vision, and to other women who are showing up as their true selves—real, thoughtful, courageous, vulnerable, generous, present, impactful, conscious. And always ready to find a reason to laugh : )

A day where you get to:

  • Show up in yoga pants

  • Experience Soul Journey meditation

  • Eat delicious food you did nothing to prepare

  • Think through whatever Vision you’ve been playing around with and work through some of the challenges you’ve been running into, give it space to breathe and flow through you and out into the world, bounce ideas off of other fast-processing creative thinkers

  • Give yourself sacred time to BE, where no one else gets to have any demands on your attention, however much you love them. No phone calls, no texts, no email. No social media. No managing, micro-managing or just barely managing.

  • Play with things that spark your creative mind—draw, paint, write, vision-board, make a magic wand, bring your own creative project, do any number of things involving glitter…

  • Receive Reiki to integrate all you create and experience throughout your Creative Sanctuary

  • Share this sacred space with other extraordinary women and allow yourself to be replenished by simply being in the company of other women who operate at a joyous, high vibration

The details:

When: Friday, March 29th, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM*

Where: Vita Therapia in Westford, MA (see map)

What about food? We’re providing everything—coffee, tea, water, hot cocoa; healthy (mostly) snacks; a delicious vegetarian lunch. Please let us know if you have specific food needs or allergies, and feel free to bring additional snacks and drinks that keep you energized and feeling good.

Dress Code: Comfortable. We’ll be lying on yoga mats, working at tables and playing with glue. Wear whatever makes you happy.

What should I bring? You don’t need to bring anything, but you’re welcome to bring:

  • A notebook or journal and a pen

  • Whatever tools you like to use when you’re brainstorming or mapping something out (paper, sticky notes, markers…)

  • Creative supplies (paints & brushes, magazines for vision boards, a doodle book, knitting…)

  • Things that make you feel cozy (socks, sweater, scarf…)

  • Anything you’ve been wanting time to do, explore or play with (a book, an idea, a game…)

Investment: $125 for the whole shebang

I designed this day as a collective experience because I need it and I believe other women need it too. If this investment is a hardship for you and you know you belong here, please reach out to me directly and we’ll work it out. If you love the idea of this day and would like to sponsor someone else’s Creative Sanctuary, please let me know and I will be happy to set that up too. Let’s keep building the world we want to live in. You can find me at

*If you have to leave early to pick up kids or take care of something urgent, that’s fine—it’s YOUR day. If you can carve out the full day for yourself, that would be fantastic.

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Who is this day for?

Mission driven entrepreneurs.
Women who operate at a high RPM, who process things quickly and whose Visions reach far and wide, both in terms of what they can see is possible and how great the impact is.
Creative Visionaries who don’t necessarily consider themselves creative but who have nonetheless been busy making meaningful things happen.
Women who are in touch with their true selves, even if those true selves aren’t always in charge.
Women who are comfortable with the words “Soul Journey” and “reiki.”
Women who can laugh at themselves.
Women who are honest about things that are hard, and who are willing to share their stories to benefit others.
Women who understand what it means to create and honor a sacred space.
Women who are leaders, thinkers, dreamers AND doers.
Women who are very busy taking care of a lot of things and a lot of people a lot of the time and who need a time out so they can take care of themselves, be taken care of and be refilled.

If that is you, I would LOVE to meet you!! And would love to share this Creative Sanctuary for Visionaries with you.

Once you reserve your spot I’ll send you some questions to think about as we get closer to your day of Sanctuary.

You’ll also receive a link to my calendar so we can get to know each other before the actual day. My aim is to both set up the structure for AND participate in this day of Creative Sanctuary for Visionaries, and I can’t wait to meet the women like you who are drawn to it!

If you know someone who would adore this day, who feels like a perfect fit, and whom you would love to spend the day with, please share this invitation with her. It’s important to me to fill the room with people who have the right energy, so it’s really an invited-by-a-friend-of-a-friend situation—please share this only with people who have that magic mix. Thank you!

Please reach out to me directly at if you have any questions about the day itself or anything else I might be able to answer : )


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