How to Focus When Your Brain is a Kaleidoscope

I just got this note from someone who participated in my last Get One Thing Done Day, we'll call her Abby:

"I 'got one thing done,' Jennifer, and put project to-do lists on my bulletin board, plus made shelves for individual project papers. But there are so many. I'm a KALEIDOSCOPE, with many interests. Setting priorities is hard. I end up doing the urgent things, jumping from one to another, all so important."

Is it just me, or is anyone else freakin' exhausted?

I feel like I just got through one batch of holidays and am diving head-first into another, without a second to breathe. And while I know there are lots of other people who celebrate all sorts of holidays and still manage to run households, businesses, personal lives and school book fairs, frankly I sometimes can’t imagine how they do it. Or, more accurately, how they do it without breaking down and crying and/or getting a little snappish and/or wondering what would happen if they just quit doing everything.

Overestimate much?

So this is what I brought to the coffee shop this morning:

  • My laptop (so I could write)

  • My planner (so I could map out my week)

  • My to-do notebook (so I could update my to-dos, list the things I still need to get done for my daughter’s birthday party this afternoon, and go over the list of people I want to connect with)

  • Client tracker forms (so I could update session dates and notes)

  • A book (The 12 Week Year) and a second notebook (so I could define my goals for the next twelve weeks, break them down into specific steps, and put the first week’s steps into a tracking chart)

  • Headphones (so I could listen to a meditation)

  • My phone (so I could catch up on emails and texts)

Super intentions for a jam-packed morning of efficiency and action! And super-overestimating how much I could possibly accomplish in the two hours I had to get my work done.