I Meant to Write You, But I Had to Check Facebook First

Well, my plan was to stay in touch with all of the amazing people in the Place of Joy community, to do it consistently, and to share things I think you’ll value.

I wanted to do this because (1) I have a lot to teach and writing is a great way for me to get it out there, (2) people respond to a lot of what I write about and it seems to make a difference to them, and (3) because the general consensus is that if you stay in touch with your community consistently and provide value, your business will grow.

Overestimate much?

So this is what I brought to the coffee shop this morning:

  • My laptop (so I could write)

  • My planner (so I could map out my week)

  • My to-do notebook (so I could update my to-dos, list the things I still need to get done for my daughter’s birthday party this afternoon, and go over the list of people I want to connect with)

  • Client tracker forms (so I could update session dates and notes)

  • A book (The 12 Week Year) and a second notebook (so I could define my goals for the next twelve weeks, break them down into specific steps, and put the first week’s steps into a tracking chart)

  • Headphones (so I could listen to a meditation)

  • My phone (so I could catch up on emails and texts)

Super intentions for a jam-packed morning of efficiency and action! And super-overestimating how much I could possibly accomplish in the two hours I had to get my work done.