Thinking vs. Doing, Part I

I’ve thought about it and have concluded that I spend more time in my head than doing stuff. And that might be a problem.

If you’ve noticed that exciting ideas explode into your mind, and that you even get so far as to map out how to make those visions real, and then you don’t actually implement any of those steps, or you get started and then abandon ship, then this is a problem for you too.

It’s not that thinking isn’t valuable—in fact, it’s pretty essential as far as I’m concerned. But there seems to be a point where we can tip over from thinking about doing to thinking in lieu of doing, which means that a whole lot of wild and powerful dreams, solutions and creations are not being born. Which is not cool.

There are a number of reasons why this happens, and, in an astounding turn of events, I’m not going to explore them all right now. Instead, let’s look at what you can DO differently.

Multicolor rose


Hey, that was actually pretty easy!

I’m telling you, there’s something about this process that slays demons. Those things you spend oceans of time resisting and avoiding, fearing and desiring, dreaming of but never making room for in your life—you can move forward on them right now, without resolving all of your inner conflicts or knowing every step in advance.

This super-simple process engages your mind so we’re not ignoring your need to think, but also it makes it easy to act, immediately and intentionally, so you don’t have to stay paralyzed.

Whether you’re stuck in fear of failure, massive overwhelm or not knowing how to channel your unbridled enthusiasm, this system gives you steps that allow you climb over whatever’s blocking you so can get moving. And once you’re moving, things look and feel different.

For one thing, you usually see it’s not as bad as you thought—it won’t take as long as you feared, or it will but it’s easier than you expected, or it’s harder but you love doing it and now realize you have the perfect people to help you make it happen...

Things just start moving when you do.

New possibilities open up, things that never would have happened or occurred to you—or been drawn to you—if you were still unleashing all your creativity only in your mind.

So, maybe give it a shot. What have you got to lose? Ten minutes? And what have you got to gain? Possibly everything you want to create in your life.

Get the full version of The 10 Minute Miracle here.

And here's the simplified version:

1. Notice what you’re avoiding.

2. Thank your brain for any fear or resistance it’s throwing at you in order to “protect” you, and set it aside for now.

3. Set a timer for 10 minutes.

4. Do the thing you were avoiding.

5. Stop when you hit 10 minutes, or complete the task, whichever comes FIRST.

6. Validate your success. (For example, “Good for me! I just [fill in the blank with what you accomplished]! I’m awesome for taking a step forward and being in motion.”)

7. Repeat.


Enjoy : )