Crib These Tools from Moana, Rock Your Visionary's Journey


I bet you never thought Moana could teach you SO MUCH about what it takes to be a Visionary.

I was pretty surprised too! But since I've been doing a weekly video (OK, it's been two weeks, but that still counts as weekly) about exploring The Visionary's Journey through the movies, I've been pretty amazed by the lessons you can uncover in some pretty unusual places.

Below I break down the Top 5 Ways Moana Is a Visionary (+ some give you tools you can crib so you can rock your own Visionary's Journey). I would LOVE to hear your response to #2! Post it in the comments on the video so everyone can see what you have to say...

If you want to dive further into the juiciness of this topic, AND follow along in real time as I take on this experiment in making my own Vision real, watch the video here.

(In case you're wondering if it's worth it, here's what someone just wrote about the video: "Freaking love this. Was daunted at first by how long it was but once you got rolling I was riveted. Very trenchant points, very well articulated, and awesome energy." Sweet!)

The Top 5 Ways Moana Is a Visionary (+ some tools you can crib!)
(Also: spoiler alert, for the whole thing)

1. She has a calling and she follows it, even when...the people around her are opposed to it and fight her; even when she doesn't actually know how to get where she wants to go; even when she doesn't have the skills to navigate the road (or, in this case, the sea) in front of her. She just jumps in.

And what happens? Every time she honors her calling, every time she makes a decision to follow what she believes, the Universe aligns to get her what she needs. Whether it's through her grandmother revealing Moana's true heritage, or the water bringing her to Maui, or Maui himself coming around, the resources and support show up. And it's not always pretty or easy or fun--at all. But she keeps following her purpose until she finally gets where she needs to go.

We all have an "even when...," it's never smooth sailing 100% of the time. The question is, which is stronger--your "even when..." or your calling?

2. Moana has a powerful tool that keeps her focused, keeps her driving forward as she faces the unknown, the challenges, the fear--and it's a tool you too can easily own too. I call it her Declaration of Purpose. Moana's sounds like this: "I am Moana of Motonui. You will board my boat, sail across the sea, and restore the Heart of Tefiti."

This is her purpose, and nothing's going to stop her. She says it like a mantra or a prayer. She says it in the rain, in the night, on the sea. She uses it to shore up her energy and courage, to remind herself why she's taking risks and facing challenges. She uses it to contain her drive and her emotions so she can direct them toward the object of her quest. In my video I talk about another famous example of a Declaration of Purpose, as well as the evolution of Moana's Declaration and what that means about all of our Visionary's Journeys. And I encourage YOU to come up with your own.

The basic formula: This is who I am. This is what I'm here to do. [Short and sweet. And say it with CONVICTION!!]

Like this: I am Jennifer Zwiebel. I am here to help you get that Vision out of your head and into the world.

When you come up with your Declaration of Purpose, share it--with the poeple around you, with me (just respond to this email), with the world (post it in a comment on the video). And let it light your way.

Moana video

Watch the Visionary's Journey: Moana video HERE!

3. All of the people you meet along the way are DEALING WITH THEIR OWN STUFF. Stop taking it personally. We're all working through our issues, dealing with our circumstances, and trying to do the best we can. In Moana's case, she's dealing with her parents and grandmother, along with a demigod, a giant sparkling crab and a pissed off goddess, who each have their own agendas, early childhood traumas and emotional issues. If Moana allowed herself to get waylaid by and of them, the island of Motonui would be black dust in the sea.

Sometimes people will lash out at you, or jump ship, or disappear. Sometimes they will argue with you, betray you or try to stop you. I'm not saying you shouldn't respond, or reflect on and address how you might be contributing to a situation, but don't give up your own convictions, passion or vision just because somebody else objects.

4. Moana is flexible. Over and over again things turn out differently than she expects, and instead of stalling, she changes course and leaps. When she travels sooooo far only to discover that the island she's been searching for isn't actually there, does she give up and wait to be eaten by a volcano demon? No! She taps into the essence of what's going on, what's really needed, what's at the heart of her Vision. From there she can see the truth, the new possibilities, and at that moment a new path opens up.

So, don't wait to be eaten by a volcano demon.

5. I LOVE this one. It turns out that not only does your Vision choose you, but YOU have to choose it right back. Moana spends almost the whole movie knowing that she's always been drawn to the water, that her ancestors are Voyagers, and that she was given a crucial mission--by the Universe! It's not like this is a subtle, maybe-this-is-my-life's-purpose kind of thing. The water literally gave her The Hearth of Tefiti to return. It's pretty clear that this is her calling.

But the moment comes when it just seems hopeless. Everything is too hard, her support system is shattered, nothing went the way it was "supposed to," and she's lost faith. Moana tells the water that it "chose wrong," and gives the Heart back. Just because the path chose her, didn't mean she had to choose the path.

Have you ever been at that crossroads? Where the path you'd been following, that you were sure was the right path, just seems too difficult, too twisty, and maybe not meant to be?

I have. More than once.

And whether I was scared of that crossroads it or embraced it, whether I tried to ignore it or walked headlong into it, whether I faced it with a trusted friend or mentor who could help me see things more clearly, weigh the pros and cons, and figure out what I really wanted, or turned inward to connect with my deepest sense of self and my inner guidance, it always came down to a CHOICE.

There is something incredibly empowering about that. To know that the Universe itself can make an offer, and you can either accept or decline. Moana initially accepted, then declined, and finally truly took ownership of the Vision. Only when she recognized that she could and had to put herself at the center of the Vision did it really become hers, and only then did the true path reveal itself.

If you're at a crossroads, or have already made the choice to own your Vision and need to understand and implement the steps it will take to get it out into the world, CALL ME. I am here to partner with extraordinary people like you, and to help you to make your Vision real.

And tune in next time for my most glittery insights yet into The Visionary's Journey as we find out what Fran from Strictly Ballroom (the BEST MOVIE EVER!!!) has to teach us. JOY!!