A Special Message from the Salmon and the Onion

Salmon spirit animal.jpg

Just to clear up the subject line real quick--the Salmon is the Vision card (or Spirit Animal) I pulled for you guys, my JOYbirds, for this coming year, and the Onion is, um, me.... My last name means onion in German. My favorite name-joke is that I make all the boys cry. (This joke was funnier when I was younger. And single.) (There's also a good chance it wasn't all that funny then either.)

And now, my wish/message for you on the eve of the New Year! Ever since I was trained by Jennifer Urezzio in the Vision Map process, I've been obsessed with pulling Vision cards for myself and my clients. Today someone reflected back to me the difference between where I am today vs. where I was a year ago and I realized that everything she said (that now I'm willing to take small steps, that I'm slowly stepping into a different relationship with a whole lot of things I've struggled with for years, and that I'm discovering how I want my business to look and am taking actions to support that vision) was EXACTLY what my own Vision Map had laid out for me.

This past January I pulled the Turtle card, which is about being grounded; having compassion for myself; placing focus on my thoughts and actions and slowing to a pace that assures completion; developing my ideas before bringing them out into the light; and giving things the chance to develop at their own rate.

As soon as I saw how accurate the card was, I wanted to pull one for you. Luckily there's another New Year starting tomorrow night, and so I asked to receive the message that could guide and inspire you for the year to come. Below I share Salmon's message for a meaningful, expansive, custom-created new year. It spoke to me and I hope it resonates with you and the wishes you have for what you 'd love to experience and create over the next 12 months!

SALMON (Wisdom/Inner-Knowing)

(Excerpted from Jamie Sams & David Carson's medicine cards; illustration by Angela Werneke) 

Its determination is driven by the wisdom of instinct and inner knowing, which yields a sense of purpose that cannot be thwarted by external forces. Salmon medicine people finish what they begin, bringing life's events and cycles to closure.

Salmon medicine honors every encounter in life as a gathering of wisdom. It teaches that even when the flow of life seems to push you back, you can tap the hidden resources of your human spirit and personal inner knowing. The journey may not be an easy one, and the currents of public opinion may not be in your favor, but you can choose to honor the wisdom you carry and instinctually do what is right.

Trust your gut feeling and inner knowing at this time. To reclaim your inner knowing, you must see opportunity in all situations, and know that wisdom is earned though both life's easy and difficult experiences. Be willing to listen to others, as well as to the small, still voice within. Behave in a manner that honors your path.

The proper use of inner knowing comes when you flow with your authentic feelings, embracing all the experiences you encounter in life as learning lessons rather than hardships. Salmon teachers you to see every bend in the river as a new adventure, with a lesson you need to learn in order to grow. That knowledge becomes authentic wisdom through applying these truths to your life.

This message helped me look at some really painful and really sucky recent experiences from a different perspective and brought me peace and a greater sense of acceptance. It also reaffirmed the feeling I've had for months that just keeps getting stronger--that there's something SO MANY people are longing for: to just BE in that place they dream of, to be DOING the thing they most want to be doing--whether it's writing a book or expanding a business or moving across the country, finding a soulmate or being deeply and fully present or taking a leap and creating something extraordinary--instead of cycling around in their heads, indecisive, unsure and unable to take action.

I know it's true because I see it ALL THE TIME. And I know the things that get in people's ways, because I see those all the time too! And I know the lightness, the amazement and the utter joy people feel when they're freed of the fears and blocks and start MOVING, because I see them EVERY TIME I take them through my very specific process. EVERY TIME!!!

I've been reshaping my business around this process for the last couple of months because I see people taking leaps and reforming their lives and loving the changes they're experiencing. The voice inside me told me very clearly that this is what I get to contribute to the world right now, and since Salmon just reminded me to trust myself I'm going to go ahead and do that. So keep your eyes out for a special sneak peek of this process and in the meantime, answer this for yourself: What do YOU most wish for in your life right now?

My wish for you: May you love the path you 're on, may you hear the quiet voice inside, may you trust your inner knowing, may you find the guides who speak to you, and may this year bring you a sparkly abundance of sweetness and joy!