Yep, I cried. Shocker.

A couple of weeks ago I attended my son’s school talent show. He is seven. He held up a glass and showed the audience that there was a quarter in the glass. It was good that he said this, because I don’t think anyone in the audience could actually see that there was a quarter in the glass. Then he made the quarter disappear. (I don’t think anyone could actually see this either.)

When he attempted to make the quarter reappear as multiple coins, he seemed to have some trouble, which I only know because when he looked into the glass he casually mentioned, “This trick doesn’t always work out so well.”

He did finally make the extra coins appear, and then bent a “wand” in half (a last-minute addition to his act that was, we learned later, inspired by a straw he found on the floor), and then he sat down.

I LOVED it. I was so glad to be there. Do you know how I knew?

Because before the child was anywhere near the stage, I had burst into tears.

From the minute we walked in and that little boy saw us and started frantically waving and cheering, I was crying hysterically. I was completely overwhelmed. My heart felt SO full, it was like my body couldn’t quite contain it and gratitude was leaking out of my eyes.

Now, granted, I had done some pretty intense energy work the night before, and we’d had multiple Metro-card complications on the way over and I’d run to the school from the subway station so we wouldn’t miss the show, but this reaction was intense even given all the special circumstances.

What became very clear to me in that moment was that being there for my kids in this way is extremely important to me, and that whatever that means in terms of the rest of my life is worth it.

And what I mean by that is this: I run my own business, which has its amazing parts and its really challenging ones. Honestly, there are scary times when I don’t know what’s going to happen next, or whether what I’m doing is working, or how it’s all going to work out in the end. But do I want to trade it? Nope, not right now, not when it lets me have what I really need.

And what I really need is time with my kids. I also need to partner in supporting my family, and I need to take care of myself. I need time to talk to and play with my husband, and I need to keep learning how to be in a grow-up relationship. I need to create, I need to be inspired, and I need to have my mind engaged in strategic, expansive thinking.

I know I need these things because they make me cry, either because I’m experiencing them and crying with joy, or because I’m missing them, and crying in pain and frustration.


So, what’s making you cry these days? 

If you’re not a crier, then what’s making you punch the wall, jump up and cheer, get really pissy, get really huggy, or do whatever it is you do when you’re feeling like things are going really right or really wrong?

It’s important to take a moment and acknowledge the reactions you're having. These are the signposts your body, mind and spirit are giving you to let you know how you’re doing and whether the path you’re on is one that’s working for you.

When I got knocked out by those tears at the talent show, I got so clear on what I needed that I became so much more willing to do whatever it took to get me there. Push through fear, doubt and resistance? Sure! Make those phone calls I'd been avoiding? You bet! Actually tell people about my upcoming Get One Thing Done™ days so the ones who need them can sign up for them? Absolutely! (Find the next GOTD™ day here, by the way. Just sayin'...)


And now I invite you to check in with yourself when you're having a particularly intense reaction to something.

If you're loving how you feel:

  • Give yourself a minute to just be in the feeling
  • Validate yourself for whatever you did to get yourself to that moment
  • Send out gratitude to the Universe and to any people who supported you in getting there
  • Think about what you want to continue to do, do more of, or do next in order to experience more of what you love
  • Tell the Universe, "More of this, please!"

 If you're NOT loving how you feel:

  • Breathe
  • Accept that this is how you're feeling in this moment
  • When you can, see what it's like to believe that this experience is here to teach you something, and ask yourself what that something could be
  • Think of one good thing that's come out of this moment, even if it's simply realizing what you don't want to experience anything like it again, and send out gratitude to the Universe and anyone who supported you in getting here
  • Take another deep breath and say out loud, "I'm doing the best I can." Because you are. And you can also mention to the Universe, "I don't want more of this, thank you. I'd like this instead, please."


Want to talk about what's showing up in your life, and how to move from overwhelm into making conscious, loving choices that serve what you truly need and want? Click here to schedule a time to chat, and we'll see how we can get you to your place of joy.

Wishing you a beautiful, meaningful day!