a crash course in life-redesign

Jen Rainbow Hair

Well, holy crap. I graduated high school 25 years ago.

It doesn't seem possible, particular since I still feel like a sixteen-year-old most of the time. But, having received the invitation to our 25th reunion, I can't exactly refute it. So let's take advantage of this opportunity--

I invite you to join me in a little self-reflection, and possibly a little life-redesign.

I don’t think I spent much time in high school thinking about what my life would look like, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have guessed it would look quite like it does. Not that my life or my being are so radically different or conspicuous (yes, other than my hair), but they are atypical enough to me to make me stop and wonder how I ended up where I am, and to decide what direction I want to head in next.

Use the questions below to check in with yourself right now, wherever you are in life. Take five or ten minutes to be honest, loving and conscious about where you are, what you want, and what small shift or choice you can make right now to create more of what you want.

I've filled in my own answers to give you a sense of what this can look like, and to let you know you're not alone in seeking more.

(1) What are you frustrated with? What have you flipped out about recently? What turns you into a cranky-pants?

As I went through what remained of my elementary-school-through-college memorabilia at my mom’s apartment yesterday, I came across drawings, paintings and writing that I’d completely forgotten about. I was amazed. I forgot how constantly and how effortlessly I used to create. I MISS IT SO MUCH it hurt to see it all, and to think about how many years it’s been since I really spent time creating.

I know I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs for twenty-five years, but feeling the ache (which has been building for a while), and realizing how long it really has been was a kick in the gut.

(2) What could make it better? What do you wish you had, even if you have no idea how you can get it?

Time set aside to create. And the ability to honor that time, to take it seriously and believe it’s meaningful for me to have it, no matter what comes out of it, and that it’s OK to take it “away” from my kids, my business, from everyone else who needs me and all the other things that need to get done.

(3) Why is it going to be hard (impossible) to make it happen?

Obviously I can’t do this! I have no time. I’m busy from the minute I wake up until the minute I drop into bed. And any minute I can find should be spent growing my business and generating income and playing with my kids while they’re still young enough to want to play with me and cooking healthy meals and folding laundry and, and, and...

(4) Why do you need to do it anyway?

Because I can’t spend another minute of my life not creating. It’s killing me. This stuff is inside me, and there’s not a single other human who can make it happen. And it doesn’t necessarily matter to the world if I create something, but it f*cking matters to me. I was not put on this earth to fold laundry. I was put on this earth to write, and paint, and help other people do the things that make their hearts pound.

(5) What if you could make it happen?

I would be alive. I’d probably be happier and more fun to be around. The rest of my life would be easier, would flow, would thrive. I know this because it’s happened before. And I’d feel like I was living the life I was meant to live.

(6) What's one piece of evidence you have that shows you it's possible to do something you didn't think you could do?

I became someone who goes to the gym. Who actually wants to go to the gym. I do it early, which I NEVER thought I would want to do, and I do it enough that I actually bought cycling shoes. Another never-thought-that-would-happen experience.

(7) What would you like to commit to for ONE WEEK that will start to bring your “what if” to life?

Create something every day. Use my 10 Minute Miracle on the days when I feel like I have no time.

(8) How will you hold yourself accountable?

Declare it in my A Place of Joy Facebook group, share my daily miracles there, and put a star on my calendar for every miracle I create.

OK, my friend, your turn.

Joy : )