want to clarify, deepen and follow through
on your vision?

the anchor call

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Now that you've spent the day getting clear on your Vision, shifting old thought patterns and defining your next action steps--what's next?

If what's next is two weeks of vacation followed by a vague memory of a great idea you once had for a plan of what you were going to accomplish in 2018, consider the Anchor Call your January wake-up-and-get-moving call to action.

You'll get:

  • An in-depth pre-call Assessment based on the Vision you developed during your Day of Wonder

  • A private 90 minute session with me (virtual) in which we do a deep dive into your Big Wish, your resistance, your patterns, your commitments and your plan.

  • An even deeper connection to your Vision, troubleshooting around the spots that feel like they need more attention, and laser focus into what it's going to take for you to follow through on the gorgeous plan you've laid out.

  • To customize your call. Want to focus on finding the language that captures your promise and speaks to your ideal clients? We can do that. Want to brainstorm ideas for your dream program that will take your work into the hands of many? We can do that. Want to map out the next three months so you know what actions you intend to take, the resources and information you need, and the milestones you're aiming for? We can do that too. Whatever will MOST help you right now, that's what we'll focus on.

Get my eyes, heart and brain focused in on your Vision this January and set some new wheels in motion in 2018. This private work together, normally $700, is $495 for you Magic Makers.

Simply book your Anchor Call below and we'll get you on the calendar before the holidays sweep you away : ) Once you know you have a partner waiting to hit the ground running with you when you get back, you'll enjoy your off-time a hell of a lot more!

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Your path is waiting. Let's walk this road together.

If you have any questions about this work, or about whether this session is a good fit for you, simply email me directly at jennifer@aplaceofjoy.com and we'll figure it out.