7 days

7 days + 7 miracles = one week to prove to yourself that what you want is possible.

Starting New Year's Day, January 1st, 2016

What's that thing you kept meaning to get to last year? Maybe you started it but couldn't get it finished? Or maybe it just lurked around in the back of your mind never quite seeing the light of day?

The important one--not the one where you have to clean out the fridge or change that light bulb, but the one where you want to clear out your mind, change your life. The one where you want to write your book, make your home beautiful, heal your body, grow your business, become the person you want to be.

I really, really get it. And here's my offer -

Give yourself a week to make small, consistent changes,
to do it with other people so you don't feel alone, and to do it with the structure,
accountability and support that make the difference between dreams and results.

Start the New Year with both intention AND committed action.

Hit the ground running and keep up your momentum long enough to experience success and to prove to yourself that:

  • You CAN create new habits
  • You CAN find time for the things that are most important to you, even when that seems impossible
  • You CAN honor the commitments you make to yourself

Be THAT person this year. I'll show you how.

7 Days is a bite-sized program that sets you up for success. It includes:

  • The 7 Day Strategy Map, an interactive tool that will set you up to accomplish what's essential to you right now
  • The 10 Minute Miracle, a foundational tool that you will use daily
  • 7 daily accountability emails, with daily update responses expected from you
  • A final, live Wrap-Up group call to share successes, talk about challenges, and get live coaching on how to bring more miracles into your life on a daily basis

All this for just $49. I simply want you to experience what's possible, and to know that you can create what you want.

That's just $7 a day (actually less, since the call is on Day 8) to invest in creating new habits, taking action, and achieving your mist important goals.


Start your 7 Days Program now for just $49


Jennifer Zwiebel helps extraordinary people build businesses and lives they love. The founder of A Place of Joy™, Jennifer works with successful entrepreneurs and professionals who are pushing the limits of what they can accomplish because they feel overwhelmed, out of time and uninspired. By realigning your business and life with your values, priorities and passions, you can knock things off your lists, own your time, and realize your big visions.